Dark Energon Megatron & Optimus Prime

why to me it just

looks like megatron is wearing pants



mass effect meme  › nine characters: aria t’loak.



tfa OP because i’ve been meaning to for awhile

what a cutie


It got sadder.


oh you’re playing mass effect?  i love that game, the way they just [clenches fist] effect all that mass


I know the text post meme is deader than the crew of the Lost Light 2 but I was having a conversation last night that made me realize that this is actually perfect.


old friends
"figured you’d gone soft, sitting on your throne."


Haven’t posted in a while, and I realised that I haven’t drawn Bob or Pipes yet. Shame! Shame on me! I love both these guys! (And also Sunstreaker, but he’s had lots and lots of fanart).

I think Pipes would have found Bob at the least really neat, with his whole open-mindedness about wanting to go explore and find new things. Bob, for his part, probably finds people about his size whose hands aren’t much bigger than his little grabby ones, pretty interesting too.

I know some of the regular sized autobots were a bit put off by Bob, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume some of the really tiny little guys might have even been a little afraid of him. He’s smaller than the average dude, sure, but he’s still got more mass than a lot of the minibots. It’s hard to see because he’s quadrupedal and usually a bit squat down on the floor, but he’s probably equivalent to what- a lab, for size comparison? That’s pretty big when you’re the size of a 4-9 year old.

So here’s a Pipes being delighted to meet Bob, who’s delighted and curious to meet a Pipes.  

(Sidenote: will be using the old askblog to reblog art for those who just want to see that. May still answer asks sometimes, but I figure this is a better way to use that account, since its stuck as my primary. It is now called slogarts)




Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Transformers Universe?

Gain an insight into the creation process of the Autobot warriors with this awesome selection of concept images :)